We want to share achievements and statistics in July.

We carried out the following improvements:

🚀carried out Pancake SWAP additional token analytics

🚀implemented the user interface for a light version of the bot

🚀carried out extra checkups for Market Making bot for CEXes

🚀added 2 more Centralised Exchanges APIs to our software system

🚀developed UI of the workers page

🚀added minor UI/UX fixes

🚀carried overall minor improvements.

Community growth statistics look as follows:

🔺Telegram — 1 112

🔺Telegram-чат (Rus) — 95

🔺Telegram-чат (Eng) — 1583

🔺Twitter — 975

Our numbers grow and it pleases!

We will keep on moving forward and share with you the work done and improvements added, as well as talk about the work of the project in detail and share useful information — stay tuned!

— —


Let’s sum up this week and talk briefly about the main.

🚩Market Making Pro on social media



It is our main channel where we write about our project, its work, news, and also report on the improvements made.

Telegram-chat (Eng)


It is a place where users and those who are interested in our project communicate. Here they share experiences and ask questions to our admins.

Telegram-chat (Rus)


It is a Russian-language chat, where we post information about the project and updates, as well as answer users’ questions and create sociable spaces for users to share experiences.

We talked about three methods to invest in crypto projects, composed the guide on the basic information on Market Making Pro, and told about how Market Making Pro will change the world. Now let`s sum up.

📌3 options to invest in crypto projects


Initial Coin Offering is a fundraising method when a company issues tokens and sells them to investors. In addition, the company undertakes to pay dividends. ICO is a kind of risky investment. Before taking part in it, you should thoroughly study the project, its team, strategy, and product they offer. …

📢News of the week

Once again, we have answered the frequently asked questions, talked about the improvements we made last week, shared our plans, and told about the types of trading strategies for you to follow and make a profit. So now let’s sum up.

Achievements of the week

🔹Carried out Pancake SWAP additional token analytics.

🔹Implemented the user interface for a light version of the bot

🔹Carried out extra checkups for Market Making bot for CEXes

🔹Added 2 more Centralised Exchanges APIs to our software system

🔹Developed UI of the workers page

🔹Added minor UI/UX fixes

🔹Carried overall minor…

Traditionally on Friday, we sum up the week. We talked about the mission and goals of our project, considered the pros and cons of popular algorithmic bots, spoke about their working principle, and explained how to make money on trading.

🔹Mission and goals of Market Making Pro

Our mission is to help small and large businesses develop.📈

Nowadays, more and more companies attract investment by issuing tokens. Market Making Pro provides listings and liquidity for these tokens on exchanges.🔥

We want this type of investment become available for any company in the market — convenient, easy, comprehensible. …

We talked about our achievements in June, mentioned the platform’s advantages, gave contacts for consulting and ordering our service, and answered frequently asked questions, now let`s sum up this week.

Last week achievements:

🔹Price parsing extra modes for PancakeSWAP DEX

🔹 Improved working with non-standard decimal point on PancakeSWAP

🔹 Order book average and best price calculation improvements

🔹Minor spelling error fixes

🔹 Extra logic for particular CEXes

🔹Minor UI/UX fixes

🔹Overall minor improvements

Advantages of Market Making Pro

  1. We have been working since 2017
  2. More than 250 projects since 2017
  3. More than 25 exchanges
  4. Over 50 agents worldwide
  5. Customer…

Let’s sum up the past week up. We talked about the advantages of using algorithmic bots in crypto trading, ways to control prices, presented to you our investors and recalled about the Market Making Pro application.

Our achievements of the week

📈Additional logic of volume bot for exchanges with poor API

📈Extra checkups to prevent minor price affections

📈Additional search-bars for UI

📈Revamped search logic for UI

📈Minor UI/UX fixes

📈Overall minor improvements

Advantages of using algorithmic bots in crypto trading

⚡Fast decision-making. Bots analyze much faster and make decisions quicker than humans.

⚡Bots analyze an unlimited number of pairs…

So, last week’s achievements.

✅ Additional security checkups for login module

✅Easier login/authorisation for new users

✅Pancake BNB calculations improvements

✅Coingecko API balance loader

✅ Overall minor improvements

Missed the news or didn’t get a chance to read it?

CRYPTOSCREEN NEWS briefly posted what’s interesting is happening now at MarketMakaing Pro. Check it out at the links:

Telegram: https://t.me/Cryptoscreen_News/2537

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cryptoscreen_en/status/1404748907817570306?s=19

The news of market making market

The CryptoRank analytics portal has recently published statistics on the profitability of projects carried out by IDO launchpads.

DAO Maker, KickPad, and Polkastarter, with returns from IDO of 748.85%, 701.05%, and 542.58%, …

Another week passed, and we again sum up. This week we talked about market-making strategies, the peculiarities of the cryptocurrency markets, DeFi, and NFT, and shared services for trading automation.

🔹Market making strategies

There are automated and HFT strategies for market makers.

📈The automated strategy involves connecting bots to the API of trading terminals. They collect information about the current state of the market and place buy and sell orders according to the parameters and algorithms the trader set.

📈HFT — robots and powerful computers used for trading; they conclude dozens of transactions in milliseconds, helping market makers maintain liquidity…

We talked about new things we introduced into the project last week, explained why B2B companies need market making, described the benefits of anti-arbitrage, and talked about the pricing of our services; let’s briefly sum up.

What we did

The past week has been fruitful, but the coming weeks will be not less productive. So, what did to develop the project:

✅Carried out additional analytics of tokens on the PancakeSwap exchange and implemented the functionality of additional tokens

✅Improved work with non-standard decimal places

✅Updated the trading storage system to increase the speed of the bot and systems

✅Automated volume…


MarketMakingPro — B2B SaaS one-stop solution for market-making in the cryptocurrency market. Website: https://marketmaking.pro

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