Let’s sum up this week’s events and recollect major news of the industry.

🚩How to create own cryptocurrency

Everything starts with creating a cryptocurrency code. The code can be built from scratch, and for this, you need a team of developers. …

Briefly on the main news and major events of the industry

🚩Traditional and new ways to attract investment

What are the ways to attract investments to a company?

Attract direct investment through a specialized investment company.

🤝Crowdfunding platform — You can create a project on a platform, for example, Kickstarter…

Now briefly on the main events this week.

🚀Monthly report

We have drawn the monthly report for September, mentioning the main points of the month, such as airdrop, community statistics, and insights on profitable trading strategies. Look for the full report on our Medium.

🚀Medium — all in one place

As usual, we sum up the main events of the month and recall September`s updates.


We reward our community for valuable activities on our platform with MMP tokens.

📍Fill out the form if you want to participate in the airdrop: https://marketmaking.pro/whitelist/

Fill out the form and receive 20 MMP…

Briefly the weekly report — read on.

💥Stay tuned

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🚩Website: https://marketmaking.pro/

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💥5 unique features of Market Making Pro

Briefly on the main news on this week, read on.

🔺How we achieve profitable results

🔶Our team got 4 years of experience in market making, we have improved our skills working with various projects, as well as investing and trading on our own.

🔶We provisionally analyze your project and token…

Let’s sum up what we have done this week and recall the main news.

📈Types of trading strategies


A trader makes many transactions during the day, profiting from small price changes and quickly reselling assets.

🚀Trend following

The trader analyzes the current trends and follows them.


While a…

Briefly on the main news this week.


This year, analysts recommend paying attention to altcoins more than ever before. Most of the alternative coins are supposed to update this year’s highs. …

We are going to tell you about the main events of August and our further plans.

📌Preparing to launch and IDO

We are now actively preparing for the launch and IDO, planned for September. Without a doubt, that is one of the most significant and meticulous stages of our work…

Briefly about the main news on Market Making Pro on this week.

📌Market Making Pro service prices

We offer 2 solutions: rent a terminal with algorithmic bots and outsource a team market making.

The price for market making services depends on the number of exchanges and trading pairs supported. …


MarketMakingPro — B2B SaaS one-stop solution for market-making in the cryptocurrency market. Website: https://marketmaking.pro

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