⚔️ Ways of fraud and safety rules in the crypto

The growing crypto industry gathers both users and scammers. While there are a lot of projects that promise their users passive income with minimum effort a lot of beginners are willing to try their luck, get maximum profit and save time on studying the industry. Low-educated users are the most favorable victims for scammers and robbers that get millions of dollars on their schemes. But even advanced users can become victims and lose their funds.

MMPro Team shares the most popular scam schemes to protect you from threats.

🗡 Rug-pull

You find a new project with a thrilling concept, a good-made site in terms of design, attractive benefits for holders and a clear road map. The project has social media pages, actively communicates with its users, makes updates and pushes you to become a holder because your benefits are as tasty as the Starbucks coffee. Holders are waiting for the day when the project will be launched and their tokens will increase in price but all of a sudden two days before the launch the project stopped communicating on its social media and publishing any posts. That’s how holders realize they are scammed.

Rug-pull is one of the most popular scam schemes that make you believe and trust the project while it’s nothing but a beautiful website and idea. Before investing in a project make a deep research on its team, whitepaper, tokenomics, advisors, code on GitHub and other vital information.

🗡 Fishing

You got a letter from Binance, Open Sea, Curve or any other popular platform asking you to share your password, follow a link or download a useful application or extension. You trust these platforms and are ready to do anything they asked. In this case, scammers get all the necessary information to get access to your accounts and funds.

Never share your private data and passwords, verify the addresses of websites and email senders, and never download any soft on your laptop to avoid leaks of data.

🗡 High APR platforms

Attractive APRs and everyday bonuses are a sign of a scamming platform. The platform follows the principle of a pyramid scheme and has an unclear definition of how trading bots work and how a huge APR is provided. After the platform has gathered enough money it disappears and you have no chance to get your money back.

Don’t trust the platforms promising you easy income.

🗡 Airdrops

They may ask you to deposit some tokens in exchange to get more tokens for free. That’s a very bad idea. In real airdrops, you should make some tasks like following the project on Twitter and inviting referrals but never transfer your tokens.

In conclusion MMPro team gives you some points you should implement in your “crypto routine”:

💡 Make a single email for your crypto activities, your email account is the most vulnerable

💡 Use a hardware wallet. Ledger is one of the most convenient and secure.

💡 Create different passwords for different platforms

💡 Switch on 2FA everywhere where it’s possible

💡 Don’t store your keys on devices connected to the internet

💡 Diversify your asset storage using different platforms and wallets

MMPro warns you to doublecheck the projects you trust your assets. We have a significant experience and are constantly working to pick worthy reliable projects for our community. The Ledger is on the go so stay tuned and feel secure!



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B2B platform that helps your business and income grow. Market making solutions trusted by 250+ projects | Launchpad | Farming | Staking | MMPRO token