📊 Advanced Market Making bot for DEXes

MMPro Team developed the Web3 market and surpassed clients’ expectations. Having actualized the world’s first NFT Store, our next stop is an advanced DEX market-making bot!

Why the need for a new bot, and how would it help to do Market Making for your projects?

Here Are Some Of It’s Main Features:
⁃ Market Making for multiple projects at the same time.
⁃ Advanced settings during a huge pump or dump of the token price.
⁃ Smart volumes control.
⁃ Advanced volatility control for any kind of token or project.
⁃ Works in almost any EVM compatible blockchains (Polygon, BSC, HECO, etc).
… And many more features that would be announced in the next news!

🟦 With all these features, the market making Bot would be a great tool for us, as a team of professional Market Makers, to make our job even more efficient and support almost any EVM-compatible blockchains!

Stay tuned to get more information about the advanced Market Making bot!




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