📊 Advanced Market Making bot for DEXes

2 min readSep 6, 2022

MMPro Team developed the Web3 market and surpassed clients’ expectations. Having actualized the world’s first NFT Store, our next stop is an advanced DEX market-making bot!

Why the need for a new bot, and how would it help to do Market Making for your projects?

Here Are Some Of It’s Main Features:
⁃ Market Making for multiple projects at the same time.
⁃ Advanced settings during a huge pump or dump of the token price.
⁃ Smart volumes control.
⁃ Advanced volatility control for any kind of token or project.
⁃ Works in almost any EVM compatible blockchains (Polygon, BSC, HECO, etc).
… And many more features that would be announced in the next news!

🟦 With all these features, the market making Bot would be a great tool for us, as a team of professional Market Makers, to make our job even more efficient and support almost any EVM-compatible blockchains!

Stay tuned to get more information about the advanced Market Making bot!





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