📚 GUIDELINE: How to participate in MMPRO Launchpads

Welcome to MMPRO Launchpad

You must have MMPRO tokens to participate in the prepurchase of tokens or shares of the MMPRO Launchpad projects.


You can currently buy MMPRO tokens at

1. https://coinsbit.io/ru/trade_classic/Mmpro_USDT (Coinsbit)

2. https://trade.kanga.exchange/market/MMPRO-USDT (kanga.exchange)

3. https://pancakeswap.finance/swap (PancakeSwap)


4. https://azbit.com/exchange/MMPRO_USDT (Azbit)

Transfer MMPRO to Metamask or Trust Wallet, then connect your wallet to MMPRO Launchpad after you purchase the tokens.

Trust Wallet (use the wallet browser to connect it on the site) https://launchpad.marketmaking.pro


To participate in the purchase of tokens or shares, you need to transfer a certain number of MMPRO tokens to one of the allocation pools, they will be blocked for the period of the sale, after the sale ends you can withdraw them to your wallet.

Depending on the amount of MMPRO purchased , there will be two pools available for you to participate in the sale of shares or tokens. You can participate in one or more pools. The number of tokens or shares sold in the pools, will be distributed among all those who wish to participate according to the terms of participation.

All information about pricing and distribution terms is listed on the website page.


To participate in the pool, users need to block no more than 10,000 Mmpro. Allocation of the pool will be distributed among all participants.


To participate in the pool, users can use any number of MMPRO, the allocation will be distributed depending on the number of tokens and the local MMPRO time.

After the allocation, users will have the opportunity to redeem the corresponding tokens or shares.


It’s possible to pay in BUSD, USDT, USDC, DAI Tokens to redeem allocation. You must have in your wallet to make payment. You also need to have BNB to make transactions and pay commission.

There will be a certain amount of time to pay for the tokens, if you do not redeem the allocation in time, it will be unavailable.

Also, do not forget to confirm your actions in the Metamask Wallet or Trust Wallet, if required by the system. For transactions you need to have BNB tokens to pay the fee.


After buying tokens, they need to be committed to the blockchain. To do this, click the Claim button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

When it’s a share sale you need to register in ZimaBank system (https://remotebankingaccess.com) and link your account to your wallet from which the purchase was made.

Be careful, access to the personal account will be available after confirmation by the bank. You will receive a notification to the email from which the account was registered. Check your spam folder in your mailbox if you don’t receive a notification. It will take time for the bank to verify your information.

If you try to sign in to your personal cabinet before you receive a confirmation, the system can freeze your account. New data for signing in will arrive to you within a day to the email which you used for registration.

After registration and confirmation the shares you bought will be available in your personal cabinet of ZimaBank.


Then you can return the MMPRO tokens to your wallet by pressing the Withdraw MMPRO button.


1. How to get your shares?

Shares will be displayed in the personal ZimaBank account.

2. When and where can I sell my shares?

Registration of the shares takes an average of 2–3 months, after the purchase of shares they can be sold not earlier than one year, or six months after the IPO is the rule of the regulators and companies selling shares.

Shares are sold either on the OTC (non-life market) or on the Nasdaq exchange or another stock exchange.

3. How does the deal go through the legal system?

Legal structures of ZimaBank have crypto license, so we can accept cryptocurrency and exchange it into fiat money, then who bought shares more than 10k$ is registered to the controlling Swedish trust, this is a convenient legal form of ownership of shares and other assets.

Those who have shares less than 10$, they sign a contract with ZimaBank, the bank keeps the shares in trust, but the owners of the contract will be the buyer of the shares.

4. How do I sell?

If you want to sell the shares at OTC or IPO, you ask the bank, and the bank sells your shares, you get your account in fiat or cryptocurrency.

We hope that was a useful guide, if there are any quistions left do not hesitate to ask them in our socials.

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