🚀 Launchpads and IDO Platforms.

2 min readAug 5, 2022


Launchpads help crypto users to find the best projects to invest in and feel comfortable with the verification and protection the platforms provide.

What are the main selection criteria and what should you pay attention to when searching for a launchpad or IDO platform?

⚡️ ROI

ROI shows the efficiency or profitability of investments. It is expressed as a percentage and used to compare the profitability of different assets or platforms.

The qualities of “good” ROI depend on the investor’s risk tolerance and the time required for the investment to generate a return. More risk-averse investors will likely accept lower ROIs in exchange for taking less risk. Investments that take longer to pay off will generally require a higher ROI to be attractive to investors.

⚡️ Number of TGE

The number of token generation events on a platform shows the attractiveness of the platform to crypto projects and whether it still lives and performs.

⚡️ The amount of raised funds

This criteria shows the trust to a platform from the investors’ perspective and how is it successful in attracting funds.

⚡️ Entry

How much money is enough to become an investor on the platform. IDO platforms and launchpads have different entry barriers. The platforms that perform high ROI provide users with low entry prices to motivate users to invest in risky projects.

⚡️ Volume (24 h)

Shows whether the platform users are active and correlates with the number of TGE held.

⚡️ Market Cap

And the favorite crypto metric that measures what a company is worth on the open market, as well as the market’s perception of its future prospects.Right now the top 10 launchpads according our criteria and the cryptorank.io service are:

1. DAO Maker
2. Polkastarter
3. BSCPad
4. Red Kite
5. BullPerks
6. GameFi
7. PAID Network
8. Seedify
9. TrustPad
10. Impossible Finance

⚡️ Besides the metrics that could be measured you need to check the conditions of participation. To participate in MMPro Launchpad sales you need to purchase MMPro tokens and the number of tokens purchased determines the conditions of sale to an investor.

Pay attention to projects held. The platform with high risky projects may be the worse choice for you while it tries to engage people with more profit and fewer future perspectives.

The MMPro team scrupulously selects projects to provide investors with a stable income and protect their interests and funds.

🔻 As a reminder, we are preparing to hold a Ledger share sale on our Launchpad and suggest to our investors the best conditions.

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