2 min readDec 20, 2022

⏺ 1. Our view on current market conditions

The last 6 months were quite tough for the market and everyone.

The biggest FUD at the moment is definitely the situation around Binance and FTX. The game we are witnessing right now is just like puzzle pieces. The whole picture will likely be clearing out closer to the spring (right after the Chinese New Year as usual).

Nothing extraordinary would happen this month due to the holidays, however we might get surprised in January.

Currently, we’re patiently waiting as well as building and shaping our current products. We are also monitoring the current situation as well as getting ready for the both bearish and bullish scenarios.

Please note that all the information shared in this AMA regarding the markets or market segments is only our opinion and not a financial advice.

⏺ 2. MMPro Labs successfully implemented

MMPRO Labs NFT is something which allows Labs members to become closer to the team and get the benefits of the deals which we are working on.

The concept is simple. When the NFT is minted, all you need to do is ping @mikefez about the purchase, so you would be added to the private chat.

32 NFTs have already been minted and locked ❤️ We appreciate your support here.

Minted NFTs can be staked for 3 different periods of time with APP ranging from 10–30%. This % comes from the FUND which we allocated for the profits from the NFT purchases (5–10% are going to the pool).

⏺ 3. Website

We have updated the main website. Looks much better and sharper now. We also listed recent projects. A little but quite necessary detail.

⏺ 4. Major update on the MMPRO Trust

Cabinet core and design updates are currently in progress. Automatic link up on the allocation has been purchased.

⏺ 5. Hong Kong conference in March, 2023

The best opportunities are in the market are results of what teams are working on. That’s the reason we will be attending events and conferences that are crucial for our team.

⏺ 6. Ledger Launchpad and NFT Store campaign for the beginning of Feb

The reason for one of our long-term shots –the Ledger Launch — in February, is that our team believes that Non-custodial wallets and cold wallets are going to gain more popularity among users. We’ve come to this conclusion because of the latest market conditions and a few investments made by Binance.

Currently we’re working on the marketing campaign for this launch.

👍 Aren’t you excited about the super cool plans we have for next year?

Stay tuned!

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