🟢 MMPro — Annual Progress Report 🟢

2 min readDec 30, 2022

The year is gradually wrapping up and here is a summary of our growth and what we have achieved in 2022.

✅ 1. MMPro launched the world’s first NFT Store (https://nft-store.marketmaking.pro/) to sell shares of top tier Companies via NFT.

✅ 2. Total number of projects we handled this year is 347! We are market making professionals, so those who come, stay with us. And we appreciate every project’s reliance on us.

✅3. MMPro invested in 67 projects.

✅4. Our Venture Trust portfolio worth grew to over $150M. Join our MMPro NFT Labs (https://nft-store.marketmaking.pro/mmpro-labs) Club to enjoy the most service.

✅5. The MMPRO token hit an all time high of 1400%+ and it is in bearish market, the best times are ahead.

✅6. Biggest pump recorded 300X.

✅7. Trading volume surpassed $100B! Facts and numbers.

✅8. All Time High Capitalization of projects amounts to over $3.5B! MMPro chooses trusted projects for investments.

✅9. We were able to connect more than 70 Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges. Our Terminal is on the go.

✅10. All Time High of decentralized projects liquidity amounts to over $300M.

✅11. The number of conferences we have attended exceeds 30. We establish strong partnerships and not only attend, but chair and sponsor many of them. The team is always at the center of news, ideas and progressive trends.

✅12. We have earned more than $230M in profits to our projects.

🏆 Behind these figures stands the dedicated work of a large team of professionals and our leaders, thousands of cups of strong coffee, and hundreds of thousands of lines of code from our developers.

Looking at all what we achieved, we can proudly give ourselves a pat on the shoulder for doing awesomely well.

We will to do even more in the coming year so stay with MMPro and watch us conquer new heights 🚀.

See you all in 2023 🎉🎉

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