🚩 MMPro NFT Store: All You Need To Know About How The Platform Works.

2 min readSep 5, 2022

MMPro NFT Marketplace allows you to obtain allocations for buying companies’ shares in the early stages.

In recent times, you could only purchase allocations by getting whitelisted or subscribing, providing contact details, and doing a bunch of steps that take your time. If you missed a chance to get whitelisted you also miss the chance to participate in sales. Also, you never know how many tokens and shares will be left for you.

MMPro team has enhanced that scheme, made it more accessible and convenient, and added more value.

Now to participate in any kind of allocation you need to purchase NFTs that entitle you to buy shares for a certain amount.

🔻 How it works?

Connect your MetaMask or Trust Wallet to the platform. You need to have BNB tokens in your wallet for transaction fees.

Then you may proceed to choose a project you want to participate in. At the moment, there are available allocations of:

🔸 Kraken
🔹 MetaMask
🔸 BitPay
🔹 Thrasio
🔸 Chainalysis

Each project is available in 5 tiers. That means you may purchase NFTs with 5 different allocation amounts related.

❓Is it more profitable to invest more on expensive NFTs and invest less than the max face value on company allocations?

It is more profitable to buy more allocations in order to pay less for NFTs. You get percentage difference from maximum allocation.

E.g.: Thrasio Tier 1 price NFT 25$ is 8.33% of 300$ (maximum allocation). Thrasio Tier 2 price NFT 35$ is 7% of 500$ (maximum allocation)

After the transaction is done, purchased NFTs will appear on your crypto wallet. When sales start you can get a particular amount of tokens or shares you bought in NFT form before. So you never miss your chance to invest in well-known and trusted companies.

🔻 MMPro Team partners with companies you definitely want to invest in. We value our end clients and want to combine the best technologies to bring them the best experience.




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