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Here are answers to some questions you may have about product and mechanisms.

❓ Each project (e.g Kraken) has 5 tiers of nft distribution, the fifth is the most expensive, how do these tiers differ?

  • They differ in the ability to get bigger allocation, the more expensive the NFT the bigger allocation amount is.

❓In the event that the amount spent is the same, is it better to buy 4 NFTs on tier 1 for 10 BUSD or 1 NFT on tier 2 for 40 BUSD?

  • It is more profitable to buy one larger tier than two smaller ones.

❓ Each project has it’s price for share (e.g Kraken $ 64). But NFTs tier 1 cost 10 BUSD while NFTs tier 2 cost 40 busd. What does this mean?

  • $64 is the price of shares. 10 BUSD, 40 BUSD etc are the price of NFT, it is the cost for the possibility to buy an allocation and then you choose the amount of allocation.

❓Are the prices of the NFTs already included in the discount? Why such a big discount of 50%? And how long will the 50% discount for the first purchase last?

  • No the discount relay to price of a share not to NFT itself.

❓Is it more profitable to invest more on expensive NFTs and invest less than the max face value on company allocations?

  • It is more profitable to buy more allocations in order to pay less for NFTs. You get percentage difference from maximum allocation.
    Thrasio Tier 1 price of NFT 25$ is 8.33% of 300$ (maximum allocation)
    Thrasio Tier 2 price of NFT 35$ is 7% of 500$ (maximum allocation)

❓ A part of the money goes back to the MMPro liquidity pool what does it mean to regular users? What are the advantages?

  • 10 BUSD, 40 BUSD etc.. these amount goes into the pool at pancakeswap, user buys tokens and with each purchase the rate increases and becomes less in circulation, in the long term the company will be worth much more than it is now.

❓ After buying NFT, is it possible to resell it on other platforms?

  • No

❓ Are there any restrictions on buying NFT? Or can one person buy all 40pcs on level 2 for example at once?

  • There is no restrictions you can buy them all.

❓ Will the NFTs be available until they are completely sold out? Or is there a time limit?

  • That’s right, NFTs are available until they are sold out.

❓ What are the benefits of buying tier 5 NFTs?

  • You can invest much more than you can with tier 1 NFTs.

❓Will these NFTs be periodically updated/added, as there is a limited number of them, and a lot of people want to buy at a later time (say for instance a person cannot buy at the moment but intends to buy in six months)?

  • Yes. We will make actions and events, but still it is better not to risk and buy NFTs when they are on sale so you won’t to lose a chance to get allocation desired.

❓ Is there a guide on how to buy NFTs?

  • There are guides on the site, click on the question mark.

❓Where will my purchased NFTs be reflected? Do I need a ZimaBank account?

  • To get shares, you need to register an account with ZimaBank. There you’ll find them in your Personal account.

❓ Will it be possible to turn the NFT back?

  • No it won’t be possible

❓ What will I be able to do with my NFTs?

  • Pay for allocation. It is like a voucher for payment.

❓ Is it necessary to have MMPRO tokens in my account to purchase NFTs?

  • For now it is not necessary. Maybe in we do it sometime in the future.

❓ Will there be a transaction fee? If so how much?

  • There is only standard BSC fee.

❓ Where can I see public announcements made by companies about IPO or pre-IPO dates?

  • Company’s website would be the most accurate source of information. And you can also use services like,

❓ For what period is the management agreement with Zimabank in effect? Do the shares ever go to the disposition of the user or do they only receive the profit of the shares after the IPO minus the % of ZimaBank as a manager? + What is the bank’s % for management?

  • Management agreement is valid until an assignment of these shares to another buyer or sale at an IPO. The investor owns shares starting from $10,000 directly as a participant of MMPro Trust. For $10,000 he has a management contract. Percentage for management in each contract is different, the standard conditions are 5 % for transferring or selling at IPO.

❓What is the point of selling shares through NFT? Does this mechanicsm guarantee there is no threshold to enter the trade and why?

  • The point is that legally we do not sell stock, and NFTs are legal, we can not sell stocks to nonqualified investors, but we can sell NFTs. The entry is from 1$ because an investor buys any allocation which he chooses.

❓ How do you know that allocation is guaranteed by MetaMask?

  • We already bought these shares and we just sell them.
    We sign a ROFR (a contract which allows the company to sell shares to its previous investor) and after signing, we raise money.

❓ Are we talking about shares, tokenized shares or project tokens?

  • These are project shares, not tokenized shares.

❓ Does ZimaBank have the status of a QI to manage my assets, and where can I find confirmation of this?

  • The purchase is done by Trust. ZimaBank has the right to buy any asset and it has it’s own AML license.

If you have further enquires, let us know via our Telegram chat.




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