📢News of the week

💥250k MMPro tokens are burned!

We have burned 250k tokens we had received as payment for the Rent Trade Terminal and MM bots

Such efforts help make our project attractive and increase the price of out tokens which makes investors happy.

🔥Private chat is the access to broader opportunities!

We created a private chat where you may grab top bonuses!

All the private chat participants can vote for projects emerging on our Launchpad, receive allocations in private rounds, and increase allocations for Pre-IPO.

🥳💎Participants in the private chat can open an account in a bank with French jurisdiction for an individual or legal entity and receive a branded Market Making Pro card for free! The beauty of the card is that its owner is exempt from tax, for its issuer is located offshore on the Isle of Man.

And finally, to join the private chat, you should have 150K MMPro tokens, so do it and get the world at your feet!

💙Willing to join the chat? Please, fill out the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSco60tOTdPpglq9cTnMS2A53NFw39KmZmBdgKZCvYdOkZ7H8A/viewform

🔵Weekly wrap up

Here is the list of what we have achieved:

⁃ Revamped wallet connections for Farming And Launchpad systems
⁃ Staking contract development
⁃ Advanced frontend for Staking of MMPRO token development
⁃ Continue development of advanced reporting tool
⁃ Revamped gas calculation tool to decrease expenses on gas
⁃ Additional list filter for UI
⁃ Added 2 more Centralised Exchanges APIs to our software systems
⁃ Minor UI/UX fixes
⁃ Overall minor improvements

💰Investment opportunities in Market Making Pro and Kraken!

Kraken is an exchange and an entire ecosystem offering advanced experiences to users. The hot news is the launch of own NFT platform with every chance to catch up and even surpass the market leader Open Sea.

You can multiply your investments 3–5 times if participate in the Kraken IPO now!

🔷Read the full text in our Medium: https://marketmaking.medium.com/investment-opportunity-kraken-9c76d47a557b

💰Investment opportunities in Market Making Pro and Bitpay

Bitpay is one of the best crypto wallets cooperating with Visa and Mastercard and enabling affordable crypto payments.

The IPO will take place in the next 2–3 years, and investors will have the chance to multiply 10–50 times!

💙See the full text in our Medium: https://marketmaking.medium.com/investment-opportunity-bit-4831bcafcb11

🌌We applied to HECO Master Builders!🌌

The Master Builders event aims to support innovators and the HECO system participants. This is a series of developers support programs.

Read more about the program here:

🚀Kraken on the launchpad — coming soon!

On January 23 at 16.00 UTC, we expect Kraken to launch on the Market Making Pro launchpad.

Details on the launchpad:

📆The lock period is 15 days.

Public Sale Token Price

💰1 share kraken = 64 USD

Subscription starts

🕐23.01.2022, 16:00 UTC

Subscription ends

🕐07.02.2022, 16:00 UTC

Purchase opens

🕐07.02.2022, 16:01 UTC

Purchase closes

🕐09.02.2022, 16:00 UTC

🌀The link to the launchpad: https://launchpad.marketmaking.pro/project/9

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