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Another week passed, and we again sum up. This week we talked about market-making strategies, the peculiarities of the cryptocurrency markets, DeFi, and NFT, and shared services for trading automation.

🔹Market making strategies

There are automated and HFT strategies for market makers.

📈The automated strategy involves connecting bots to the API of trading terminals. They collect information about the current state of the market and place buy and sell orders according to the parameters and algorithms the trader set.

📈HFT — robots and powerful computers used for trading; they conclude dozens of transactions in milliseconds, helping market makers maintain liquidity in the market effectively. For example, with HFT trading, market makers set a quote or latest rate and update it regularly.

🔹Features of the cryptocurrency, DeFi, and NFT markets

The cryptocurrency market is a non-stop market with probably no institutional capital, so it is highly volatile. Moreover, there is no definite set value for assets since different sites provide different quotes.

📈A minimum entry threshold, no deposit freeze, and convenience are typical for the DeFi market.

📈NFT. The more the token`s uniqueness, the higher its value. The assets are traded in open markets and listed on the Binance exchange. The token saves the copyright and authenticity, which is its central idea and benefit. Any object can be encrypted in NFT.

Services for trading automation

🔹Twitter bots:

  • Whale Alert


  • Walletscan


  • Blockfolio

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