📢News of the week

Briefly about the main news on Market Making Pro on this week.

📌Market Making Pro service prices

We offer 2 solutions: rent a terminal with algorithmic bots and outsource a team market making.

The price for market making services depends on the number of exchanges and trading pairs supported. So far, there are 31 exchanges available.

It costs $500–1000 per month to rent a terminal for working on one exchange.

The price for outsourcing a team of market makers to connect one trading pair with a client`s token on one exchange starts from $1000. Provided 2 trading pairs, the price starts from $1500, for 3 trading pairs — $2000 and more.


👉When should we expect the project`s launch?

The launch is planned for September 2021. We will hold an IDO of the project shortly; stay tuned — an exact date will be announced.

👉I`d like to talk to someone about your project in more detail, who I can write to?

Write on our official chat: https://t.me/market_making_pro_eng ;

Or to our team:

Founder and COO Aleks Gladskikh: https://www.facebook.com/aleks.gladskikh ;

Co-founder and CMO Mikhail Filippov: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fimisha/ ;

👉I would like to hold an AMA session with you on my channel, how can I do it?

We are always happy to new cooperations! Fill out this form, and we will contact you to discuss the details:

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe9_Mp0Nl7u9L_t2UUUf_FXc-tywKYIcGBDxAynjMefigAXaw/viewform ;

📌Outsource a Team Мarket Making

First, we carry out an audit for your coins and then form a market-making strategy that will help achieve the desired result based on the audit results and your goals.

We delegate work with all trading pairs available on one exchange to 2 traders.

Our team forms token liquidity and increases trading volumes, making your token attractive to investors.

If necessary, we connect bots and provide their technical support.

You receive a detailed report on the results upon the work is done.

The price for services depends on the number of exchanges and trading pairs. Support for one trading pair on one exchange costs from $1000 per month.

📌Global trends in DeFi

NFTs, together with DeFi, change the money flow in the economy as a whole.

Investors primarily focus on the following DeFi areas: decentralized crypto banks, DEX, insurance, and stablecoins.

The market is becoming more protected from cybercrime. In comparison, at the end of July, losses from crime in the cryptocurrency market amounted to $681 million, in 2020, they reached $1.9 billion.

Another trend observed on the market is the emergence of projects that make it easier for the average user to enter the market.

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