📢News of the week

As usual, we sum up what we’ve achieved this week and recall the main information on the project.

💙Our achievements and background

The Market Making Pro project participants worked on the Blockchain House company since 2017, providing market making services for crypto projects. Years of experience in market making and understanding the market fundamentals have inspired the team to create the AMM service Market Making Pro.

We attracted our first 50 clients without any advertising spending at all. The total capitalization of our clients’ projects is several billion US dollars, while one client brings us an income of $1.4k monthly on average🚀💥

We have partnered with 31 exchanges and 8 investors, which encourages our growth.

💙Guide on Medium

You can find Market Making Pro on Medium. Join by the link below: https://marketmaking.medium.com/

We briefly describe the main events and information about the project, such as how to order a service, the project’s benefits, which exchanges we work with, which updates we carried out, etc. So if you don’t have the opportunity to read our Telegram daily, then Medium will be more suitable for you to keep abreast of all the important news.

💙The most promising pairs to earn income


APR: 1,434.67%

Current rating on CoinMarketCap — #422


APR: 242,31%

Current rating on CoinMarketCap — #2662


APR: 239,99%

Current rating on CoinMarketCap — #1809

Why Market Making Pro?

🔹We offer a free audit of your token and a free trial of the service

🔹Our team has been working in the market making field for 4 years

🔹We cooperate with 31 exchanges, both CEX and DEX

🔹We offer two solutions for clients: rent a terminal with algorithmic bots or outsource a team market making

🔹We offer anti arbitrage bot that parses the prices for your token on various exchanges and makes sure that it is the same everywhere

🔹Our service is cheaper than hiring a market-making team on a permanent basis. You will have to hire one market maker and one programmer at the very least, while we offer a team of two market makers and one programmer that would cost $2k a month

🔹We provide 24/7 support as well as reports and analytics for you to manage the work process.

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