📣News of the week

Let’s sum up what we have done this week and recall the main news.

📈Types of trading strategies


A trader makes many transactions during the day, profiting from small price changes and quickly reselling assets.

🚀Trend following

The trader analyzes the current trends and follows them.


While a new trend has not yet formed, a breakout of a key level may indicate a trend change. When the rate increases, buyers weaken, and bears take the initiative. And vice versa.

🚀MACD strategy

The strategy is based on the analysis of moving averages convergence and divergence.

🚀Crypto arbitrage

It can be of two types: inter-exchange and intra-exchange. It is a trading strategy when a trader takes advantage of the rate differences at different exchanges or within one exchange and sells or buys assets earning on the price difference.

📌Media guide

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📌Top 5 NFTs worth buying

Top 5 NFTs for the last month:

  1. CryptoPunk #5217 — $5,449M
  2. CryptoPunk #7252 — $5,331M
  3. CryptoPunk #2338 — $4,358M
  4. CryptoPunk #2140 — $3,757M
  5. Fidenza #313 — $3,338M

CryptoPunks have been in top sales for several months now. Their success is not much due to the authentic visual representation but rather by the uniqueness of each Punk and their wide range. One single CryptoPunk is not much valuable, what is really highly valued is a collection.


What is the price of our service?

The price for market making services depends on the number of exchanges and trading pairs supported.

The price for outsourcing a team of market makers to connect one trading pair with a client`s token on one exchange starts from $1000. Provided 2 trading pairs, the price starts from $1500, for 3 trading pairs — $2000 and more.

Tell about MMP tokenomics?

Total supply 222222000 ММР, they are distributed as follows:

🔺49,85% — sale

🔺20% — team

🔺14% — liquidity and staking

🔺10% — reserve and burning

🔺5% — advisors

🔺1,15% — hakathons and grants

How to reach you?




Founder and chief operating officer (COO) Alex Gladskikh:


Co-founder and CMO Mikhail Filippov:


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B2B platform that helps your business and income grow. Market making solutions trusted by 250+ projects | Launchpad | Farming | Staking | MMPRO token

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B2B platform that helps your business and income grow. Market making solutions trusted by 250+ projects | Launchpad | Farming | Staking | MMPRO token

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