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We talked about three methods to invest in crypto projects, composed the guide on the basic information on Market Making Pro, and told about how Market Making Pro will change the world. Now let`s sum up.

📌3 options to invest in crypto projects


Initial Coin Offering is a fundraising method when a company issues tokens and sells them to investors. In addition, the company undertakes to pay dividends. ICO is a kind of risky investment. Before taking part in it, you should thoroughly study the project, its team, strategy, and product they offer. Сonducting an ICO is a costly and time-consuming way to attract investments.


Initial Exchange Offering is an initial coin offering operated and managed on the exchange platform on behalf of the startup. This method inspires much confidence compared to ICO since exchanges always carefully select projects, and besides, it is much safer for investors and more convenient for the companies. However, this option of raising investments bears high expenses for selling tokens for the company.


Initial DEX Offering is an initial offering of the project`s tokens hosted on a decentralized exchange. In IDO, the initial coin sale and listing happen almost simultaneously. Investments are attracted through smart contracts of the liquidity pool. The benefits are quick and cheap listing, instantaneous liquidity, although the bad thing is the lack of a price control mechanism.

📌Basic information on Market Making Pro

📍Official website


Here you will find a brief description of the project and its advantages, kinds of service package and prices, FAQ, a list of exchanges we cooperate with, as well as a list of partners, our contact information, a registration form, and an application form for a free trial.



Here we post the news of the week.


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Here you will find more information on the project and the market as well as weekly work reports and improvements.

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