🌐 THRASIO: Enhancing And Accelerating E-Commerce!

3 min readAug 31, 2022

The Fifth on the list of NFTs that will be launched on our NFT Store is THRASIO NFT. But before any further Ado about the launching, let’s meet the company.

Country: Massachusetts, USA.
Founded: 2018
Industry: E-COMMERCE
Daily Revenue: $1.5 million

A Brief History

The story of Thrasio may not be long, but it is fascinating. The company was founded less than five years ago in Walpole, Massachusetts by entrepreneurs Joshua Silberstein and Carlos Cashman.
The business is named after the ancient Greek word thrasos, which denotes audacity and boldness.

Thrasio is the consumer goods company reimagining omnichannel commerce and consumer products, and boasts an innovation engine that brings high-quality products to market across digital marketplaces, channels, and retailers globally.

Thrasio selects brands that sell products with excellent ratings across many reviews. Such careful approach has led to a large portfolio of quality products with mass customer approval. In fact, one in ten US households already owns a Thrasio product, and that number is likely to increase as the company continues to expand!

Noteworthy Accomplishments

📌 Back in April 2019 Thrasio received seed round funding of $6.5 million (£5.2M) and then, in December 2019, raised a $20 million (£16M) Series A.

📌 As at 2019, Thrasio has picked up 18 businesses and made 43 acquisitions in total, all paid for outright in cash. Fast-forward to 2021, The company doubled its rate of acquisitions when it raised $1 billion in financing!

📌 In 2020, Thrasio closed a $110 million (£89M) financing deal with WTI, Upper 90, Peak6, and RiverPark Ventures, comprising $75 million in equity and $35 million in debt, giving it a post-money valuation of $780 million (£629M).

📌 With the experience of evaluating 6,000 Amazon FBA businesses, data on consumer preferences from more than 150 brands, and the operational scale of more than 22,000 products, Thrasio is the largest acquirer of Amazon FBA brands. Company builds these brands to compete with top household names, offering consumers more choice and exceptional value.

📌 THRASIO now has over $1 billion in revenue across more than 200 brands and it is growing globally, expanding last year across Europe, China, Japan, and most recently, India.

What They Are Doing Now

In January 2022 Thrasio began expanding into India and committed $500 million for acquiring local Amazon brands.

Acquisition of successful profitable brands with $1M — $100M annual revenue valued at 2x — 4x of their EBITDA. In 2021, Thrasio held a 40% market share of all Amazon brand buyouts in the US.

Thrasio holds the world’s record for time needed to reach a $1 billion valuation among profitable startups.

At the annual Amazon Prime Day event which took place on 12–13th of July 2022, Thrasio posted a 100% overall increase in revenue of its brands. Excluding brands acquired over the past year, sales growth was 60%.

Thrasio continues to evaluate and acquire proven brands. In addition to doubling the average deal size, Thrasio has increased the pace of acquisitions. Deals can be structured in any number of ways to best suit the needs of the entrepreneurs, with different payout structures and varied levels of post-acquisition involvement from sellers.

MMPro is glad to be working with such a reputable brand as THRASIO. More information on The company’s Investors,Financials, investment Offers can be found >>>here<<<.

THRASIO will be on MMPro NFT Store launching soon and will be available in 5 Tiers!

⌛️ The timer is counting down to our NFT Store launch. Get ready 🚀

*all data provided in this article are relevant to date 08/30/2022




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