📢Weekly report

💥We’ve launched Launchpad

At last, we’ve launched our Launchpad: https://launchpad.marketmaking.pro/

BTC mining platform Minto was the first project to launch on our Launchpad.

For more information about the project, visit https://minto.finance/

💥The projects to launch on the Launchpad shortly:


The world’s largest provider of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services


One of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market.

The Launchpad Market Making Pro enables participation in IPO — a groundbreaking concept bridging the cryptocurrency and stock markets.

💥New partner — ivendPay

ivendPay is a crypto payment system for vending, retail, and e-commerce. More than 100 companies worldwide have already joined the system, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Mexico, Nigeria, Germany, Serbia, Estonia, Dubai.

Soon Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, and their number keeps growing.

Bitcoin.com, Crypto.com, and many more are ivendPay clients.

💎How it works: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VXLYWEXPMfSF-2PqTbPQcV_SfCs7gqRS/view?usp=sharing

🔺More about the project: https://ivendpay.com/

Dear community, we are grateful for the trust you have shown! Over 8 million tokens are locked on our Launchpad, which is almost 30% of all sold tokens, and 500 people who trusted us and participated!

💥New partner — DAO.vc

Together with DAO VC, we will launch trading on the MMPro/DAOVC pair and multifarming on our platform and create a common pool of $200k shortly.

We also added a pool with Busd / DAOVC, and a little later, we will add BNB / DAOVC

The first users who add liquidity in this pool on BSC will receive up to 100% per annum in tokens of both projects!

DAO VC allows investors to invest any amount in any startup, even if it is $1, and for startups to raise funds from the top investors.

💥Burning tokens live

In November, we earned over $250k from renting trading bots. So we decided to burn 20% of those tokens.

📆🔥Our CEO Arseniy will burn these tokens live on AMA on December 15 at 18.00 UTC.

It will reduce the circulation of tokens and allow the project to grow, and you will earn more with Market Making Pro!

💥New partner — MDEX exchange!

MDEX is a large decentralized exchange with over $1 billion TVL that provides one-stop liquidity services for high-quality assets and brings users a safe, reliable, diversified, and cost-effective transaction experience under the unique liquidity and trading mining deployed on ETH, HECO and BSC chains.

For more information about the exchange, visit its website: https://mdex.com

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MarketMakingPro — B2B SaaS one-stop solution for market-making in the cryptocurrency market. Website: https://marketmaking.pro

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MarketMakingPro — B2B SaaS one-stop solution for market-making in the cryptocurrency market. Website: https://marketmaking.pro

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