📢Weekly report

Let’s sum up this week’s events and recollect major news of the industry.

🚩How to create own cryptocurrency

Everything starts with creating a cryptocurrency code. The code can be built from scratch, and for this, you need a team of developers. Either you may use a fork of any reliable cryptocurrency and adjust it for your project.

Remember, the cryptocurrency you make must be valuable for users. Therefore, before issuing, you should draw an algorithm for its use and a comprehensive development plan.

💫With that done, you can start listing on exchanges. Please note that investors study the project in-depth before buying currency, so it is essential to provide transparent and reliable information about your project.

🚩Helpful platforms for statistics on cryptocurrency and DeFi markets



It contains general statistics on cryptocurrencies, price change, market capitalization, trading volume. In addition, there is a chart by categories — BSC ecosystem, transport, logistics, and others. DeFi-tokens, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies of different blockchains like Polkadot, Solana, BSC are placed separately.

🌌DeFi Pulse


The platform offers general TVL market statistics and tokens ranked by categories. In addition, the data for each token, such as TVL, price change, blockchain, economic security, and others, are also available.



The resource contains detailed statistics on games, NFT, platforms for gambling, and exchanges. There is also general information on the DeFi market and TVL changes.

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