We keep on expanding, and now we announce our new client NuNet! We are the top investors in the NyNet!

More about NuNet: https://nunet.io/

We held the AMA session and discussed many interesting issues. The authors of the three best questions receive $50 in MMPro tokens each. Here are the winners:




Here are the winners of our game:

🚀@tuzinq — $100 in MMPro tokens

🚀@koperosik — $80 in MMPro tokens

🚀Pablo Kot — $70 in MMPro tokens

🚀@tadelon123 — $60 in MMPro tokens

🚀@b0ri1 — $50 in MMPro tokens

Please, move your LP tokens to the new pool. The old pool will be removed on December 8.

Take a look at the pools on our farming platform: https://farming.marketmaking.pro/

Minto is the first project on our Launchpad.

Minto is an easy BTC mining with no extra expenses.

There are staking pools:

Limited pool with the max cap of the tokens locked is 50,000 MMPRO. Everyone who’s locked the tokens will get an evenly spread guaranteed allocation.

The second pool is unlimited. Whoever locked the most tokens will get a bigger share of the allocation.

📆The lock period is 1 week.

💰Public Sale Token Price

1 BTCMT = 1.72 USD

📆Subscription starts

05.12.2021, 16:00 UTC

📆Subscription ends

11.12.2021, 16:00 UTC

📆Purchase opens

11.12.2021, 16:01 UT

📆Purchase closes

12.12.2021, 16:00 UTC


12.12.2021, 16:01 UTC



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