Welcome our MMPro Community bot 🤖!

  • Admin verification. Now community members can check those who post messages or reaches out to them pretending to be MMPRo team. Just share username with MMPro bot and get the answer. No scam anymore, only verified people.
  • 🎮 Telegram game. MMPro now has it’s own mini GAME! Travel through space and collect MMPro tokens. Winners with a highest score will be rewarded with real MMPro tokens every weak! See how good you are in a fear competition.
  • 🏆 Rating and rewards! Referrals and game stats in a few clicks.
  • 👥 Personal referral link to invite friends to the game and get rewards each week.
  • 📢 The freshest MMPRO updates and news on activities, project, launchpad, links and campaigns. Those who join the bot will have the privilege of being the first to know all the hottest news.
  • 🎁 MMPro contests and competitions with valuable prizes and bonuses. MMPro team will soon introduce new ideas on that, don’t miss.



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