🤝Welcome Soken!

2 min readJun 23, 2022


We are glad to introduce MMPro new partner Soken!

Soken is a team that enhances Web3.0 security by providing the highest quality-price-ratio smart contract audits, legal services, and CEXs listing services with full support.

Soken team believes in thinking ahead and deeply analizying every case.

In a partnership with Soken MMPro team now will provide our clients with:

➡️ Standard Security Audit

It is the automated testing of a smart contract that is perfect for projects in their early stages. Due to this audit, we check for the operability of smart contract, smart contract overview, and testing for common vulnerabilities in the code or any part of contract operation.

➡️ Comprehensive Security Audit

It is detailed testing for bugs and errors, weaknesses, and flaws in the contract code that includes automated and manual testing and is followed by the team recommendations.


AI-powered automated identity testing with face-scanning technology with your country’s language support.

➡️ Anti-fraud Certification bundle

It is a bundle of Comprehensive Security Audit and KYC / DOXX where we check for the migrator, drain, or backdoor in the source code of the smart contract and analyze the project’s website.

➡️ Legal Products

It’s a huge variety of legal services that help projects to work comfortably in their respective jurisdictions. These are:

▪️ Legal Opinion
▪️ Website Terms & Conditions
▪️ Privacy Policy GDPR and CCPA compliant
▪️ ICO Terms & Conditions
▪️ Risk Policy
▪️ AML/KYC Procedure
▪️ Token Sale Agreement
▪️ Whitepaper Review
▪️ Whitepaper Modification
▪️ Whitepaper Creation
▪️ SAFT Agreement
▪️ Vesting Agreement
▪️ NDA/NCA Agreements

➡️ Additional services — Company registration and Listing services.

MMPro team is looking forward to new challenges and the exciting partnership!

Discover more on Soken’s official website: https://soken.io/




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